Flower Power

Flower Power

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This abstract painting is playful, colorful, & full of groovy flower power! I was inspired by a few things: 1. obviously flowers 2. psychedelic colors (neon, green, blue, & more) 3. 70's themes 4. butterflies. The surface features a variety of bright hues painted on the canvas sheet. This painting has lots of background layers, dots, & stipples. To polish off this wonderful abstract painting, I added silver organic lines that are curvy & tie in the overall piece.

Product Details:

  • Size: 14-5/8 inches x 20-1/4 inches.
  • Medium: Acrylic & silver metallic ink
  • Painting Surface: Canvas sheet. Unframed
  • Artist Signature: Bottom right corner
  • Canvas slightly has a tapered cut with frayed ends, adding character to the piece.

For styling ideas, this piece can be placed on an empty wall to avoid large white spaces; it's the perfect pop of color! This painting is a perfect stand-alone piece or can be showcased with a complimentary piece. Or it can be a part of your gallery wall above your bed, desk, or living area. Another styling option is to place it on a dresser, table, desk, and lean it against the wall. To add more dimension, the painting can overlap a smaller or larger artwork.

*Note, the featured mockups are for visual & home mockup purposes. Please refer to listing & image details*

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